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My Wonderful Experience With Bubblegum Casting


Hey guys, My name is Mandy and I thought it would be fun to write about my journey to modeling so others won't make the same mistakes that I did. I always had talent growing up doing plays, drama, amateur acting. I was always complimented on how well of a job I did while acting and always tried to improve on it through the years.

I would always practice and even do small drama skits at my local poet club and the feedback I would get is nothing short of flattering. I first wanted to enjoy my early years as a teenager and do a bit of dating and now I have a boyfriend Brad who is extremely supportive of my modeling dreams. He got me into going to casting events in my area of San Jose CA and it was fun meeting all the other girls that shared their story with me.

It was very humbling knowing that there are others out there like me that want to get the exposure that they deserve. I was not getting casted It was fun going to these events and Brad would love to see me get kudos from many people. The problem was that I was not getting anywere with my career other than meeting other people that were looking for the same thing.

I started to step up my game with going to as many casting calls as possible and even spend a few hours practicing each night before going. I was still not getting anything that I wanted and nobody was giving me any time.

How I Finally Got My Break

Dealing with dead end casting calls in San Jose was really starting to take its toll on me. This was going on for well over 9 months without anything positive in sight. I felt like I was wasting my time with every single event I was going to and it was hard for Brad to even keep me motivated. But it just was not working in my favor.

One weekend, Brad told me about a huge casting call that was happening 45 minutes outside of San Jose. He convinced me to make the trip and see if anything different would happen this time. We took the trip and it started to seem like every other casting call I went to. I would meet tons of great people but nothing really promising at all.

Towards the middle of my trip I was ready to get out and go home. When we were ready to go I heard someone say "Excuse me, can I have a moment with you?" as I walked by a group of people. I turned back and spoke to a great guy that asked me a few questions about my experience and anything I accomplished in the past.

He explained that he was part of Bubble Gum Casting and he took down my information. After a few days I was contacted by him again and was asked to come in to talk more. I made the visit which was not too far from where I was at the time. After spending a few hours talking, we then started discussing opportunities to further my career and I have been working with Bubblegum casting ever since.

This is a journal I felt that would be right for me to make. My modeling career has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least and its amazing to see how much my life has drastically changed after meeting someone to give me time.


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